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10914 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD, 20902
United States


My jewelry line is "StrengthInUnityBeads" My jewelry serves a higher purpose; it is not necessarily about fashion, though my pieces are trendy, it is more about representing who you are. My jewelry designs are based from Pan-Afrikan ideologies. My pieces represent unity amongst all black people of the African diaspora by "Showing Our True Colors." My hope is that black people wear their colors proudly, creating a heightened sense of nationalism, pride, distinction, and most importantly solidarity amongst black people. Pan-Afrikanism is based on the belief that unity is vital to economic, social, and political progress. 


Red represents the blood shed of our people.

Black represents the people that we fight for.

Green represents the royal land from which we come from. 

Return Of The Moors Pom Beanie

Ancestral Adornment Clothing

Return Of The Moors Pom Beanie


Return Of The Moors Pom Beanie

15.00 20.00

Revolutionary and gangsta. Return of the Moors. Let everyone know what nation you represent!

Copper gang. Moorish American. Fashion. Against the grain. Trendsetters. Tee shirts hand drawn by Jay El

Beanies ship out either the same day or the next business day.

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